Congratulations España!

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about soccer/football, whatever you call it. But after the way Germany was defeated by Italy, and Spain had trouble winning from Portugal, I never expected to see quite a different Spain win this European Championship, at least not in this flamboyant way. I think even every Italian thinks this Spanish victory was well-deserved.

Anyway, I think the finale was the best game of all. So I just made a few pictures from my tv screen after it. I'm not claiming anything about the Nokia 808 PureView in this respect - I just made the pictures using it. They're not perfect, I know, but I think they show the fantastic atmosphere in the stadion in Kiev. So it's  not to celebrate the Nokia 808 this time, but the sensational end of an exciting tournament. And it's about the joy of catching the right moment as well I guess ;-)