The bokeh effect - in front of a train

It looks like you need nerves of steel to make shots like these, but it's more likely the train is on a break. Anyway: I love pics like these. There's a certain tension about them, also because the train represents a clear and present danger when you are looking at it from this end of the tracks...

Josué Giménez from NokiaMovilblog in Venezuela shared these fantastic pictures on Twitter and liked me to share them at the PureViewClub, and I'm glad to! You will not find any other "camphone" making shots like these, I'm sure.

So here they are, you'll find links to original 8MP version below the resized pictures, and you will find them again in Josué's blog soon.

Original 8MP format   here

Original 8MP format   here

Original 8MP format  here

I've shown you the pictures in the order I saw them for the first time - it's like someone is looking away from the train, bowing his head - it makes the tension of this series even stronger, don't you think? The details are stunning!

Muchas gracias Josué, and please: keep 'm coming this good! :-)