Stranger near a plane... with a Nokia 808

The Dutch weather was gorgeous late this afternoon - the famous Dutch clouds ruled the blue skies, so there was place for some  bright sunshine: I took the Nokia 808 PureView out for a ride in the neighbourhood, to a small airport this time...

It's absolutely nothing compared to the famous Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - it's a charming as well as huge meadow in fact, including a tower, and it handles the very small planes in the area. Still, you are absolutely not allowed to be anywhere near them, unless the authorities will give you permission. Which I got.

So here are a few shots I brought from this too short visit. Because like me, I guess you don't often get the chance to get so close to these beauties. Original formats (almost all of them in full resolution, 34MP) are on Flickr. Oh and if I ever needed the 16:9 format - it was this time :-)

And here's the link on the dedicated set on the PureViewClub Flickr Photostream, with for the most part the 34MP originals. I love it, hope you do too.