Nokia UK reacts in the PureViewClub about

I thought it would be good to write a seperate post about the reaction from Nokia UK in an earlier thread in the Club, about the Nokia 808 PureView not being available at (which is available again, as you can see here).

I'm glad Mark Squires from Nokia saw it and took the time to write these reactions: "Hi, I work in Nokia UK and saw this thread. Amazon has sold out of the initial stock of PureView 808′s, this means that the site should state ‘out of stock’, unfortunately as you have noticed there appears to be a technical glitch. I’ve spoken to the team that work with Amazon and they are on the case, apologies and again thanks for pointing this out."

When asked whether if also the white version would be available at, Mark reacts: "I talked to our sales team and they told me that Amazon had white and black from us last week. Next weeks delivery is due to be both again but at present the 808 is selling as fast as it is shipping so it may be that they have already pre orders for the white. Things should calm down soon and we are doing our best to ensure that we keep stock coming."

Thank you Mark Squires for your fast and honest replies! So it looks good for the UK after all - and my impression still is that Nokia is being surprised by all attention for the Nokia 808 PureView. Must be a pleasant surprise though :-)