A day at the beach (and yet another limited edition)

Today several Dutch journalists from websites and magazines were invited by Nokia to participate in a meeting on the beach at Zandvoort, to get to know the Nokia 808 PureView for the first time.

There were three shifts, I was in the last one. It was an nice event, with some activities on the beach (and in sea) to make pictures from. But the light wasn't too favorable in the afternoon, alas. There were too many clouds, simple as that, it wasn't too easy to get a good picture.

On the other hand, visitors have been asking me over and over again for pictures in "low light condition" so here they are, eleven of them even. I'll write some about all.

Ouch! Another one of the "Tampere Limited Editions" was there as well. These editions only have a different back cover and are meant for those who were in any way involved in the history of the Nokia 808 PureView.  This one belongs to Kristina Björknäs from Nokia who I was very pleased to meet.

Of course, the lower one is the 41MP sensor inside the Nokia 808 PureView. I think the one top right is the one used in the Nokia N8.

If you are from The Netherlands, you will not at all be surprised by a view like this. But if you are from India or Venezuala or wherever you are reading this blog, you may wonder what it is: a snackbar on the move in the coastline. And the people working in it are still inside.

This is one of the team that showed some action in the waves. As you notice, the light wasn't friendly at all, and I don't think you will be enchanted by the pictures I made during this short demo.

The next one however, is a picture I'm quite glad with, especially in the original version (see Flickr). It's shot in full resolution using flash, you'll see every detail come out crisp and clear, and it's like she looks really deep into your eyes.

Mind you, this is not a professional model, she's into watersports - and it makes her expression all the more pure. The bokeh effect of the background adds to the atmosphere.

Below, you'll see the boat from the background, zoomed in at maximum (using the 2MP resolution only).

Below, you'll "just" see a Dutch sky. It's kind of sky people love to hate when they have their summer holiday and didn't plan to go abroad. Some painters love it as well. I love this one because of the seagull flying in the picture (bottom left). You'll see more of him in the original size.

The next one is just, well, kind of art. These cloths are meant to create shade when the sun is burning you from the beach. Without sun however, they are just... there. Interesting though, if you look at them in the original format, you'll find a small hole in the middle :-)

Still, bad light conditions. But also a pot with plants from which the purple really stood out, even in the shade. The blue cushions make a nice combination, I think.

Next. Another seagull. It looks like it's put there - unreal. But I made several pictures of it, on my way to the train station. I think this one shows the most detail. This is a good thing about a clouded sky: without it you could hardly make this picture without flash.

This is in Amsterdam Central Station, track 1. The sun (!) is smiling at the country before it says goodbye. I caught it through a rooftop over the tracks.

There you go, eleven pictures chosen from more than a hundred of the second half of this afternoon. Be sure to check them on Flickr as well, you'll be suprised. Here they are!