A Dutch videoreport completely shot with the Nokia 808 PureView

No doubt, you remember Nokia organized a meeting at the Dutch beach yesterday. I was in the last shift, these guys from BesteProduct.nl (you won't need a translation for that) in the first one. They still had the good weather, sun from the right side ánd high tide, so I must admit I'm a bit jealous watching this video...

But even more so: they shot the complete videoreport with several Nokia 808's (see the reaction below - it appears to be only one even - more impressive even). Now that's really interesting, a videoreport about the Nokia 808 PureView made with the device itself. That's creative journalism. Much of this is in Dutch, but  you will get the general idea. It's not like you will miss any news because of the language, it shows the capacity of the Nokia 808 PureView for professional use.

It's on YouTube, so the quality will not be as good as the original recording is (not even close, I'm afraid). Still: enjoy!