Busy days ahead... (and maybe some footage?)

Since I have a steady job (I love the PureViewClub but it doesn't earn me a living, on the contrary ;-) the next few days will be flooded with work, starting tomorrow. I have nothing to complain about though, since I will be at the North Sea Jazz Festival for three days. I hope to have some time to make pictures and of course even some videos during what is known as the "biggest indoor jazzfestival in the world".

My work there is "behind the scenes" though, and they have a very strict policy, so you won't see any juicy backstage footage on this site. When I have time to visit concerts, I will try to share some pictures here. In this case, I really can't take any requests, nor make any promises, I hope you'll understand.

My daily output will probably be lower as well, I'm sorry. Please share what you know (and want to share) in the reactions on my previous blogs - or on the Forum, where I'm glad new members join almost every day. There are 49 members now, who will be number 50? ;-) Meanwhile, I really hope to be able to write some updates from the premises of the North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam!