Tomorrow: Nokia 808 PureView in the Phonehouse Netherlands for €550 or contract

This blog is for the Dutch readers or those that live near The Netherlands (or have close friends over there). A friend of mine @RvanTriet tweeted they would have a Nokia 808 PureView in the Phonehouse in Nunspeet. That's quite surprising, since as far as I know, they are only sold at the MediaMarkt and online via and for €599. So I gave him a call, asked what it would cost: €550 simlock free, which is cheap for this moment!

But he would have only one, so that's not why I'm writing this blog. I'm writing it because I was told the Phonehouse Netherlands has almost 50 (!) of these babies available. So if you live in or near the Netherlands and you know a Phonehouse near you, give them a call today if you want to pick one up tomorrow. And yes, it is simlock free, so you can also buy one on contract with every carrier (and no, I don't get a commission).