Some other views on the North Sea Jazz Festival

You might have noticed I wasn't able to write many updates this weekend, being at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. Maybe you have seen some footage I shot there already, here are just some pictures I made between work. Of course, only the ones I thought that would interest you, being remarkable or just fun to see.

Again, you can find them in their original sizes on Flickr (link below), and I can assure you most of them are worth the visit. Here we go, I'll write some short comments to guide you through them. First, the crowd on during the sunny first day.

Not just sun though, here you see some heavy rain approaching...

And than you know where to go...

This is the same tent from the other side of the fence

And this is what you see when looking up from under it.

The VIP entrance of the North Sea Jazz in the afternoon.

The machines where you change your money for tokens to buy drinks or food.

The biggest concert hall ("the Nile") in the afternoon, seen in front of the stage.

A Yamaha commercial that looks like a live performance.

Another saxophone close-up

A giant staircase outstairs - be sure to see the original on Flickr.

A lesser charming backside of the festival only some get to see

A "cigar lounge" that caught my eye

The inside of the hotel I stayed (not in Rotterdam, but nearby in Ridderkerk)

If you've liked them so far, I've put all original sizes on the PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr for you to admire the details of the amazing Nokia 808 PureView.