Short review and 14 pictures of the Amzer case

After I had the tip from Clinton Jeff (well-known for his I ordered my own Nokia 808 protective "soft gel skin" case from Amzer, in black and white. I didn't have to order them in India, since Amzer also has an UK and even US department.

They arrived yesterday and today I took a few shots from them with my black Nokia 808 PureView in it. Now a black device in a white cover is not very pretty I think, but taste is always personal and by doing so you will see even better what the protective case looks like. For my own use I chose the black version however.

It fits well, but it's not like it's almost impossible to get your device out once you want to change a cover or use the 808 without it for a while. After using it for one day, I can only think of two disadvantages. First there is no lense protector. I don't really mind, but I can imagine others will prefer the original case Nokia designed (but forgets to sell it at the same time it seems, like the tripod mount for that matter).

Second, with this protective case, you will notice you will need to press the camerabutton a lot stronger than you had to before. That's something I'm not to sure I'll get used to. I really love the incredible smooth way the camerabutton operates, and the casing  takes that smoothness away. Same goes for the zoomfunction of the volumerocker - you need to push it harder. I wonder if they could not have left those open.

Now those are two pretty important aspects of this smartcam. I can live with it, because I like my device to be well protected when I'm on the road. I like the subtle sturdiness of this cover, I like the design, and I really like the way the sides give you a lot of grip, without adding too much to the weight of it all (although it weighs 18 grams).

All in all, I think it's worth for you to take a look at it, so in this post you find no less than 14 pictures in the black and white version. Keep in mind the white version will look better when you own a white Nokia 808 Pureview. Enjoy!

PS If you live in The Netherlands and are interested in one of these cases, I ordered some more black and white versions, since it costs a lot to get them over here from the UK. Contact me if you're interested :-)