Sacrificing the Nokia 808 because of its OS

I have a hard time reading them, but I can't ignore them either: the reviews that rave about the camera quality of the Nokia 808 PureView, but will end up saying it is almost unusable because of the platform it's running on. I've written a blog about it before, so this is the second one, I know.

It is getting kind of frustrating to see so many respected reviewers from respected websites missing the point. It looks like they all read each others articles, blogs and reviews, and more or less feel obliged to sacrifice the Nokia 808 Pureview because of its OS. Like it's not done or even rude to say anything good at all about Nokia Belle.

It's not an iPhone, that's for sure, and after someone declared that device as the holy grail of the industry, Android had a very hard time to become popular. I think Windows Phone will have a better chance as soon as version 8 has finally reached earth. And yes, we all have to let go of Symbian in the future, I know that as well. It's been abandoned by it's maker, so what can we do about it?

But it´s not the point. Should Nokia have dumped this brilliant technological innovation after five years of development, because the OS isn't state of the art anymore? Is there SO much wrong with Nokia Belle that it's unusable? Utter nonsense.

This evening I decided to react on a review at ZDNet, where the reviewer was doing the exact same thing: rave about the camera, giving up on the device because of Symbian. Argh. You can see the review and my reactions here. Disclaimer: you should only follow the link if you like to read and share my frustration.