Of unearthly beauty: pictures of @Sheridan01

Remember those fantastic panorama shots by Richard Dorman, aka @sheridan01? I've mentioned his work a few times already, but in this blog on Onlyfooldandmobiles.com he's explaining how he does it: The Nokia 808 Camera - Not a Review, just what I do!

It's a must read if you want to try to achieve this yourself, and I hope Richard doesn't mind me borrowing two of his stunning pictures he shares from his "long exposure photography".

If you want to see more of his work, check his Flickr photostream, it's more than worth your time. As for the ones I chose for this post (the long exposure shots from his  "just what I do" post): they remind me of the "magic realism" the Dutch painter Carel Willink realized in his work. I think they are of unearthly beauty.