Twelve tips to make better pictures!

When you are an experienced photographer - amateur or professional - this might not be for you. But I'm getting more and more questions myself: "I have the 808 PureView - now what?" So I think Steve Litchfield made a fantastic contribution on his AllAboutSymbian blog with twelve tips how to make better photos with your Nokia 808 (or N8).

Some of the tips might seem pretty basic, but they are also essential. Make sure your lens is clean for instance: crucial, but quickly overlooked since you use your camphone everyday for all kinds of purposes. So if you're not too sure about your own skills and want to make a good start, just  read them all.

To lively up this post I just looked for a remarkable picture I made with the Nokia 808 PureView but didn't publish yet. This is a Fisker Karma you don't see too often - I don't remember seeing one before anyway. What has it got to do with this post? Let's say I cleaned the lens ;-)