Join and win "The Black Accessories Set"!

Yes, it's the first contest here at the PureViewClub! It's not like you can win the Nokia 808 PureView (not yet, still working on it). No, this is a bit more modest contest, but nevertheless with some accessories that are very hard to come by.

Now I know that in some countries you'll find a bit more in the box than in others, but if you are lucky enough to win this, worst that can happen is you'll have something double :-)

You will find pictures of "The Black Accessories Set" in this post. It consist of the original Nokia USB on-the-go, original Nokia protective case, original nokia DC-16 battery charger (with cable of course) and (last but not least) the original Nokia Tripod Mount!  So there you have it: four originals for your Nokia 808 PureView.

What do you do?

First: follow @PureViewClub on Twitter. Than you retweet the message in which this contest is announced. And than, because you already have a Nokia 808 PureView (or ordered one by now) and you obviously like to shoot pictures, you join the photocontest as well...

Nothing hard, since it is something we all have around somewhere: the theme for the first contest is: water. I've been inspired to choose this theme for several reasons, one of them being I've seen an incredible amount of it for the last few months.

Now if it comes from a tap, if something or someone swims or jumps in it, if it falls down, if it boils, if it's frozen - I don't care, as long as the picture is in some way funny or artistic or worth watching for any other reason.

ALL shots should be made with the 808 PureView.

That's why I'm really taking time to close contest: many people are still eagerly awaiting the Nokia 808 PureView they've ordered, and they will like to have a chance to win these goodies as well, right?

So you'll have at least one month to give it your best shot. The contest closes on August 15 September 1. That leaves you a lot of time. If you manage to get "PureViewClub" in the picture somewhere (written on a paper or whatever), that will give you bonus points too! :-)

Send your best shot, but no more that two  (!) to me directly attached in an e-mail at "pureviewclub at gmail dot com" (to avoid bots picking it up I write it like this). Please use "The Black Set Contest" in the subject of your mail.

One more thing: no photoshop, no picasa, no editing. I want all shots to be as pure as possible for fair comparison. You can use whatever resolution you like however, from 2MP to 38MP.

When you think it's frustrating you have to wait longer before the contest is closed, please remember the longer it takes, the more time you have to make that one great picture that might win it.

Be sure to mention your twitter handle, so I can check if you've joined :-) I will be sharing all pictures joining this contest on Flickr afterwards.

Round up:
- follow @pureviewclub on Twitter
- retweet the tweet announcing this contest
- send no more than two pictures attached to a mail to pureviewclub at gmail dot com
- getting "pureviewclub" in the shot in some way gives you bonus points
- no editing: no photoshop, picasa or whatever. It has to be as pure as possible
- don't forget to mention your Twitter handle (the name you use on Twitter) in your mail
- you have one month

All clear? Ready, set, go! Happy shooting!