Leaf cutter ants at Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm, or: how LED lights really work

I was pointed to this video this evening and I didn't want to waste any time sharing it with you. It's "just" a short video of "leaf cutter ants" at the Butterfly Farm in Buckfastleigh. I've never been there so I have no idea what it looks like in the first place (and I didn't know there were any leaf cutter ants on the planet).

But I saw this on my cellphone first and I thought Pixar was at work. It was the Nokia 808 PureView - what else - under very dark circumstances. It's just 24 seconds long and they're all worth it. I've looked at it a few times even. I think this really is the first great example of what LED illumination can do, as I read in the description on YouTube:

This video was taken on my Nokia 808 PureView in very low light using only the LED video light for illumination. The butterfly farm is near the South Devon Railway station in Buckfastleigh, Devon, and the leaf cutter ants are a special display at the moment. If you have a look at this image you can get an idea of how dark it was in the room (the green spots are fairy lights).

Be sure to choose the 1080P setting, and: be amazed!