Vincent Van Gogh revisited... With a Nokia 808 PureView

Actually, I'm just guessing a few things here. First that you know who Vincent van Gogh is. Second that you know where he came from (The Netherlands) and third that you know he painted one of his favorite themes - sunflowers - not in Holland (d'oh), but in France.

But! We have them here as well. Imported no doubt. And late this afternoon was sunny even! So I took the sunflowers I brought to bring some sunshine in our house out, and pictured them in bright sunshine, some of them against a blue sky even (a bit surprised it was still there).

Be sure to check the original pictures as well, in my Flower to the People set on Flickr! The details are - again - insane!

Update - more pictures.

After I took the flowers inside again, in the beginning of the evening the sun appeared to love his own flowers still, reaching out to them for a few meters behind the glass door. A marvelous view I couldn't resist capturing again (it has been said the Nokia 808 PureView does that to you: it's hard to stop making pictures). Here they are, and on Flickr, of course.