A fair review of the Nokia 808 Pureview from The Mobile Indian

I've been surprised by two reviews of the Nokia 808 PureView today. In one remarkable review (to put it mildly), the reviewer from TechCentral.co.za compares the device to Dolly Parton... I would only like to quote "the problem is that it’s also a phone.  It’s a great camera, but a decidedly mediocre phone". Oh well, that's too many words for this review already.

The review that is really worth reading is this long one from The Mobile Indian, in which the reviewer really focusses on what the Nokia 808 PureView is capable of, although not showing any pictures or video to illustrate it this time. Anyway, I believe  @samirgmakwana has written a review that does the Nokia 808 PureView justice.  And that's also nice for a change :-) You can  read it all here.