A radical change of opinion at ZDNet.com!

Five days ago, I wrote quite a disappointed blog about reviewers sacrificing the Nokia 808 PureView because of its OS. The reason writing that blog (the second one on the theme actually) was this review at ZDNet.com, where in the reactions I shared some of my thoughts about what the Nokia 808 PureView is all about: like it's much more a "smartcam" - and one with a mature OS at that.

Quoting from my own reactions on his review, I wrote: "Show me any (!) camera with a complete OS like Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, and/or all the sharing possibilities the Nokia 808 Pureview offers and it will silence me forever. It's simply not out there. 

Show me a smartphone that will make pics and vids that are at least as good as those of the Nokia 808 PureView (including the perfect sound quality). It doesn't exist, I'm sure since I've tested every recent smartphone for the last few years." And on his disappointment in Nokia Belle I added: "The Nokia 808 PureView is the worst possible reason you could ever think of to throw in the towel where Nokia and Symbian are concerned."

The author, Matthew Miller ( @palmsoloon Twitter) reacted on my opinion, I wrote something to it once more, and I thought that would be it. There were many other people reacting on his review by the way, I wasn't the only one by far. But I never expected mr. Miller to decide to buy the Nokia 808 PureView and admit to a  radical change of opinion! You can read it all here: " Another week with the Nokia 808 PureView convinces me it's worth the $700".

I'm flabbergasted. It takes a lot of courage to take criticism this well, try the device you didn't like once more, go as far as buying it although you have been stating it's way too expensive - and even write a new review with a radical change of opinion. My compliments mr. Miller, I think it played some part in it and it makes me kind of proud. Thanks :-)