Indian Photo Contest "My City My Story" - a chance to win the Nokia 808 PureView

As you might have read already, I have my own contest at the PureViewclub where you can win four of the original Nokia accessories. But now you can also enter another contest, at least when you live in India and you don't work for Nokia.

The contest is all about making pictures, and if you are good (and lucky) enough, you might win the Nokia 808 PureView itself. Other than in my modest competition, you don't have to use the Nokia 808 PureView itself to shoot the picture with - there is no point in winning it if you already own one right? ;-)

They called the contest My City My Story and you read all about the contest here. There are several other nice prizes to win, like a picture of yours framed, a digital photo frame, your picture published in a book, and if I understand correctly the top three winners will win the Nokia 808 PureView. If they get all accessories as well I don't know, but I hope so :-)