For the love of detail...

The PureViewClub is becoming quite well-known I'm proud to say, more and more people are sending me pictures and videos, asking me to share them here - and I'm honored, really! I'm trying to please everyone, but that's becoming more and more difficult also, as you hopefully will understand. But in some cases I just have to find the time to share some great results with the Nokia 808 PureView.

Jovrien Darimbang shows you don't need a spectacular sight or amazing tropical animal to make moving pictures. With his pictures he shows a deep love for the details of everyday life that are so easily overlooked. I've noticed myself that the Nokia 808 PureView sharpens your awareness for details. It's addictive, because now you can capture them so well! :-)

In this post you see three of Jovrien's pictures (you can find more of his work on his Flickr photostream, which he even has bravely named " PureView"). I've invited him to the PureViewClub Group on Flickr, so I hope to find his pictures under the "Friends" button on this site soon.

See what I mean? If you are not convinced yet, please have a look at the originals. I think these pictures prove you  need a good eye maybe even more than a good scene - when you already have the good camera of course ;-)