James Burland's favorites of the 808PureView Group on Flickr

I think it's a bit early in the month to decide what's best of July already, but i'd still love to share James Burland's favorites of this month. James runs a "group" on Flickr, that has grown in a very big community where everyone can share his or her Nokia 808 PureView pictures, and it's called 808Pureview.

You will already find more than a thousand pictures shared by 246 members over there. From all the pictures shared in July, he created a Flickr Gallery, picking what he thought were the very best results this month.And I'm not going to copy all these pics, just two to lively up this post a bit. Here you can visit the Best Of July gallery. Gorgeous shots!

PS. This second one brings back sweet and bitter memories. In 1982, I met a young composer from Indonesia (Otto Siddharta), and not only did he bring his great humour and wisdom, also his kretek cigarettes... I never smoked before, but those made me start when I was 21 years old (foolish me).

After 17 years (in 1999), I finally managed to quit smoking because I noticed it was killing me (no doubt). This picture remembers me of that time, and of the fact I could leave it all behind... As a reward to myself, two months later I bought my first cellphone, the Nokia 6150. It completely changed my life.