How to make Macro shots with your Nokia 808

I see quite a lot of reactions from people that appear to be wrestling to make macro shots, and it seems it would not have been a bad idea had Nokia put a small camera manual in the box as well. But it didn't.

So how do you make them? As any other simple thing in life, it's only simple when you know how to. In "scenes" it's more or less easy, you will find the Macro option in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Most of the users will go directly to "Creative Mode" however, and there is no way to find the "macro" setting, unless you press your finger on the screen a bit longer. How do I know? It just happened to me one day - quite fast, luckily enough. I didn't read about it anywhere and maybe you are reading it here for the first time.

While we are here, I'd like to point you to a previous blog about ALL camerasettings. It's not very sexy, but you only need to read it once I guess.

Now in my experience there is something else you should know about making macro shots. You will get the closest results when you choose a lower resolution and zoom in, sometimes as close as possible to get the result you want. That may sound logical, but it's the best way to make the camera focus on your subject.

So choosing Macro alone doesn't mean you can get real close to your subject, you'll have to zoom in as well. And by now you probably know that the lower the  resolution you choose, the closer you can get. There is a trade-off, of course: the lowest 2MP resolution might get you closest, but not the best picture quality. So my suggestion is to play around with it until you feel what the 808 will allow you to do and gives you the result you like best.

Another option is to choose the 34MP or 38MP resolution and get as close as possible for your 808 to be able to focus. Cropping will do the rest for you, as you've seen in many other postings by now. Some will say that by choosing full  resolution you will loose the PureView technology, but you will loose that anyway if you zoom in at maximum (since you zoom in on the sensor, there will be less, or no more "pixel binning".)

I'm not saying this is all very easy. I've shared pictures of a 2 euro coin that didn't move a bit and it wasn't always easy to get the right focus. The close-up dragonflies you have seen sitting around on this site are still just as amazing to me.

If you´ve just got your Nokia 808 PureView: I've been writing about this for some time now, you will find many practicle tips, tricks, howto's and other background information under the " Info button" of this site. You might also want to read the  " howto" tag... I hope it will prove to be worth your while to check those blogs as well.

Update: I'll add the comment Damian Dinning wrote in a reaction below, just to prevent you might miss it: Another option is to use touch autofocus. With touch it uses the full focus range to find focus. IMO, the best option is close-up scene/focus mode as it limits the focus scan to just close range which makes it faster and potentially more dependable as typically it is not influenced by the background.

Happy shooting, and get 'm up close! :-)