Nokia 808 PureView loves the Nokia Lumia 900

As you might know, I have another blogsite in the Netherlands, Smartphone Review. I'm way behind updating this site (since the club is taking all my extra time in fact), but you may find some interesting reviews and essays there as well - it dates back to 2001, it's all in Dutch, but Google is our friend ;-)

Anyway, because of this blog, I'm lucky enough to get other samples of smartphones. The most recent I received is the Nokia Lumia 900, and I'm really thrilled by the design. I have a lot of experience with Windows Phone 7 by now, and I think it is an extremely underestimated OS. But this post is about pictures, not WP7.

Normally I make pictures from the phones I review with my DSLR (Panasonic FZ18). This is the first time I'm making them with the Nokia 808 PureView. I got the white version of the Lumia 900, the weather is getting much better over here, so I could make these shots outside.

I'm thrilled about the results myself I must add: it now is much easier to focus on the details I want, whereas with my older DSLR I had to wait for it to focus on the desired spot.  And I thought it's just nice to see how one Nokia appears to love the other one so much :-)

Special attention for the last one: I had the Nokia 808 focus on the silver nameplate. Works like a charm!