Why you'll miss USB-on-the-Go one day

At some moment in time, Nokia decided to skip the small USB-on-the-Go (or USB OTG) cable in the package of the Nokia 808 PureView. It was the first thing I noticed missing when I unpacked it for the first time - I expected it to be there, after I found it with the N8 and E7. Will you miss it?

Well, not at first I guess, but later: yes. Probably. USB OTG enables you to do funny things with your Nokia 808, that's true. You can connect it with a wireless mouse for instance, and it will work. Same goes for a wireless keyboard. And that's all nice, but I don't think you'll find it very useful. But connecting it to a USB-stick or harddisk will prove to be handy. Not only for your back-ups or when you are running out of space, but also to share movies with other people.

I made the very first videoreport (ever, as far as I know) with the Nokia 808 PureView during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I was testing Full HD and Rich Recording at the same time, curious if I could still be heard in the recording amidst all the noise of everyone present talking. I was lucky enough the Nokia employee let me have the file at all - but how could I take it with me? I didn't have my laptop and it was a bit too much data  to transfer over Bluetooth.

So he simply got out a USB OTG cable and put the file on a USB-stick. Simple as that. And one day you will be in the exact same situation: you've made a movie and you want someone else to have it asap. Copying it on a stick is the fastest way to do it. Of course you can still buy your own cable, because it will work anyway. But why Nokia decided not to put it in the box  is still a bit of a mystery to me - it's not like these cables cost a fortune, and the Nokia 808 PureView is not a bargain to come by.