The Nokia 808 PureView inside out

Because the 808 is so built around usability and functionality, one could easily forget there's magic going on underneath the case that makes it all happen. The good guys over at Chipworks like to dive into this kind of wizardry and show the inner workings to those who care. For everybody else, the inside of your 808 is something you hopefully never get to see because that would mean you just dropped your phone! Hard!

I don't take any credits for the following, please visit the teardown at

What I find interesting to point out, is that the actual pureview camera is not  from Nokia. The 41MP sensor itself is made by Toshiba! The processor that runs the whole device is made by Texas Instruments and the memory is made by ... Samsung. There's a whole lot more to discover, and if you are interested in this or just can't wait to see more images and details ... go check it out!