A short break (no goodbye!) & introducing Peter

The last ten weeks have been a very intense and just as fantastic period. Not so much for my family, but they understood that starting a new community like this takes much time and energy - and many hours of less sleep I might add. Now the holiday season has started and my family wants me back! :-)

I'm not going to leave the PureViewClub alone though. I'll be writing and updating as well, but not as often as in the past ten weeks. So I'm happy to introduce Peter Buijsman, my old friend with whom I started the PureViewClub. Peter has been responsible for the largest part of the design and the whole technical background of this blog - I couldn't have done it without him (I still can't actually).

So I'm glad he offered to keep the Club up-to-date. Like me he has a regular job and not so much time on his hands to write many daily updates, but I'm sure he will do his utmost to keep you informed. Meanwhile, when you just discovered or bought the Nokia 808 PureView, I'm sure there is already a lot of stuff to read and see here - and you can always join the Forum to ask your questions there, I know the Forum members are very helpful!

What's the score in just about ten weeks? Today 78 Forum members, 266 posts (including this one), 586 followers on Twitter, thousands of visitors from all over the world every day and last but not least a surprising 105.986 views on YouTube. And of course an enormous amounts of pictures on Flickr  and some high quality videos on Vimeo.

It all adds up to the PureViewClub, a community Peter and I are proud of, happy to bring so many people from such an incredible amount of countries together all because of just one, but spectacular device: the Nokia 808 PureView!