Nokia 808 Tripod Mount and case now available at Amazon!

I don't know why Nokia isn't making a lot of noise about this, but it appears the Nokia 808 tripod mount and case are now available at Amazon. Not only in the US, but also on (just checked). It's going a bit too far to check all Amazon sites, so give it a try in your local store.

Here's the link at, here´s the one for Please remember you have still lots of time to enter the contest I organized for four original Nokia accessories. I didn't see the original case on the German Amazon by the way, but that doesn't mean they're only offered in the US.

One critical remark: the original Nokia case muffles the sound of the speaker when the lens protector is also covering up the speaker (because it's near the lens). And the camera buttons are covered up as well, so you'll have to press (much) harder to make a picture or zoom in.

The tripod mount however is just as simple as effective. So I'd stick to that and get another case for your Nokia 808 PureView, preferably one that leaves the speaker (and the buttons) open.

Thanks Izzi @Nok4us for the tip about!