Nokia takes over Scalado imaging technology

Time to get the laptop out: I just learned that Nokia today officialy acquires the Scalado developers, technologies ánd intellectual property for imaging. I wouldn't know what's left to aquire except for the office itself. This means that the Swedish Scalado products will soon find their way into Nokia products that most likely will have "Lumia" in their name.

In a tweet today  Damian Dinning welcomed the Scalado developers in these words: "Extending a very warm welcome to all our new family members from Scalado. We're going to do some memorable stuff together :)."  Now this looks like Nokia is bringing PureView technology - in some kind of extended form even? - to the Lumia phones on future Windows Phone 8. Some will hate the thought, others (like me) will cheer.

On this part of the Scalado website you can see what kind of products this company creates. It's quite a lot, please look for yourself if you want to know all about it. But it certainly looks like a very important step for Nokia. And we all now how essential that is for the company.