A great review of the Nokia 808 on dpreview.com

As far as I know it's the most extensive review by a highly respected site about digital photography. Today DPReview (digital photography review) has published a whopping six pages review of the Nokia 808 PureView.

I was happy read this: "Essentially, what I've aimed to do in this article is to provide an overview of the Nokia 808 PureView as a camera, rather than as a phone, with the emphasis mainly on its still image quality. But it's not quite that simple, since inevitably, I'm judging the 808's camera in the context of its inclusion in a phone." In my opinion, that's exactly the way to look at the Nokia 808, and that makes the review all the more interesting.

And it's not only positive, the reviewer finds some "cons" in the device as well. One more quote before I leave you in peace to read the whole review for yourself: "Where it really shines though is image quality. The 808 produces without a doubt the best quality images I have ever seen from a smartphone, and in some respects challenges a lot of 'proper' cameras, too".

If you want to stick to a summary however, you can also check what Jay wrote on MyNokiaBlog!