All About Symbian: Nokia 808 Review Part 4

And while I am on the subject of great, even huge reviews, I should not forget to mention Steve Litchfield's Part 4, the last part of his review of the Nokia 808 PureView.

To show how impressive this review has become, I'll quote his own introduction: "In  part 1,  looked at the Nokia 808's hardware, in  part 2a, I showed how PureView works, in  part 2b, I tested the 808 head to head with its predecessors, in  part 2c, I looked at the new Camera interface and in  p art 2d, I looked at the 808's video capture capabilities, including the Rich Recording system. Most recently, in  part 3, I looked at the 808's OS, performance and multimedia functionality. In this, the final part 4, I cover other applications, notes on updates and my summary of this landmark (in a number of senses of the word) device."

So if you haven't read any of it, it could keep you busy for quite a while. It must have been a weird experience for Steve  to write this review, since it looks like the Nokia 808 PureView will be not only the best, but also the last Symbian device ever. And you can read some sadness about that in the lines that conclude his mega-review:

Many of us will stay using Symbian in the short term, some may even use the OS into 2013/2014 and beyond, and the installed base of Symbian owners remains huge. But if the official roster of Symbian-powered hardware had to come to an end, then what a way to go. Not with a whimper but with a rather impressive 41 megapixel bang.