Nokia 808 PureView sells far better than expected in Finland

I was very happy to read in Finland Nokia could already have sold a lot more of their 808 PureView, as Tonis Techblog published yesterday, quoting the Finnish Digitoday. Since I and many of my readers don't speak Finnish, I share Toni's blog and two interesting facts:

1. In Finland, there are not enough devices to meet the demand, otherwise the Nokia 808 Pureview would have been in top-10 list of most sold phones.
2. The reason is that Nokia is surprised by the demand, not any poor availability of components.

To add my two cents on this issue: I think Nokia underestimated the selling power of the 808 PureView. They knew many technlogs would unrightfully fry the device because of Nokia Belle. They probably never guessed it would actually win all the rewards, including the recent Gold (!) Award on

Already in February in Barcelona, I was one of the (few) bloggers to convince Nokia to bring this device to The Netherlands as well, which they eventually didn't plan to, again thinking that "Symbian won't sell". I was afraid of another great Nokia device we wouldn't even be "allowed" to buy, like happened with the N9.

Now there is no lack of supply I heard of in the Netherlands. Given the different circumstances I understand the demand in Finland is much higher: it's the last flagship of their "own" great Symbian history. The Nokia 808 PureView is the grandest finale Symbian could have hoped for and Nokia should be as proud of it as the Fins appear to be. Good to read Nokia will do everything to get it in the Finnish stores asap :-)