Nokia's Damian Dinning responds to DPReview´s Gold Award

In a very comprehensive reaction upon winning the Gold Award at, Damian Dinning (Nokia´s Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience), gives a very interesting insight in how he and his team worked on the Nokia 808 PureView. I think it's a must read for everyone who wants to know more about the background of the device that just added DPReview's Gold Award to its impressive collection of awards.

I'll just quote the introduction:
Whilst we wanted to provide a rich set of controls which cover key elements such as focus, exposure, brightness/colour and composition especially for those who take a more involved role in the capture phase, we also wanted to keep as clean and as uncluttered viewfinder as possible.

As you might imagine however, it’s very hard to get this balance just right. Personally speaking I find most of not all digital camera viewfinder/info screens are either all or nothing. We continue to seek the best balance in this regard, but equally, recognise we can never get this right for everyone.

In his reaction, you will read more about the choices made regarding Histogram, Slide Zoom, ISO settings, Exposure and Viewfinder and it's all worth your time to read it. You can find his complete reaction here at