calls the Nokia 808 PureView "A Top Notch Camera"

Another raving review! This time it's that is very enthusiastic about the Nokia 808 PureView: "a top notch camera". Interesting to see that  - just like did - the reviewers considers the device more as a "smartcam" than a smartphone. Was it something I said? ;-)

Just af few quotes:

"I found that the 808 PureView was simple to use for taking photos or video. It has a straightforward interface and a shutter button on the edge of the camera, which is handy for shooting still shots. The touch screen worked pretty well too, although at times I had a little trouble scrolling down on the menu screens, and when turning various settings on and off. 

I shot a lot of photos at various resolutions, and I found that the images were crisp and mostly noise free. One feature I particularly liked was the 808 PureView's strobe: It performed very well, better than the rather weak LED flashes on many smart phones. The 808 PureView's strobe sends out a strong burst that provides ample illumination for subjects several feet away. 

I also thought indoor video footage was exceptionally clear and noise free. And when I engaged the digital zoom, the image quality was impressive; thanks to the extra megapixels, it didn't seem to degrade as I zoomed in. But since the phone isn't image-stabilized, as are most full-size camcorders, video footage can be jittery unless you have very steady hands or mount the phone on a tripod."

I should really stop quoting now, otherwise it's no use to direct you to the review itself.