Damian Dinning: Chinese production of Nokia 808 PureView is in no way inferior

Some readers of this blog have been posting reactions suggesting that the Nokia 808 PureView produced in China would be inferior to the ones produced in Finland. Chinese versions would consist of "cheaper materials". The accusations even go as far as claiming the Nokia 808 produced in China would not have an original Carl Zeiss lens. Asked for any proof to support these quite serious accusations, I received nothing however.

First I understand that people from Finland might want to see a Nokia phone produced there. But Apple is not manufacturing the iPhone in the US either, and there is nothing wrong with that hardware as we all know. Second, I'm not sure whether the Nokia 808 PureView is manufactured in Finland at all - as far as I know, the whole production is done in China in fact.

Last but not least: I know my Nokia 808 PureView is from China, and so is Damian Dinning's - and he is Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience at Nokia. After I contacted him about these accusations , he wrote this fierce reply in one of the blogs where the accusations were made:

ALL Nokia products and the components within are made to exactly the same exacting specifications. Your claims are false and based on ZERO supporting information or facts.
Damian Dinning – Nokia

Coming from Damian, it's enough proof for me. I seriously urge those who have been writing these accusations to refrain from repeating them on this blog. Thank you.