Three more reviews of the Nokia 808 PureView

You know it´s a funny habit of mine to send you over to other websites a lot ;-). Especially when they offer interesting reviews. Here are two reviewers who have obviously used the Nokia 808 PureView a lot. It's not that I completely agree with the writers, but I won't make it a habit to review the reviews (I've done so once already ;-).

Here's one, written by Aliqudsi for MyNokiaBlog. Don't skip the reactions on this one either. Funniest quote directly from the beginning: "I suck at photography, my friends are ugly, yet our pictures come out stunning." Something that surprised me, Aliqudsi states "The chrome plating on the camera bump gets scratched SUPER easily". It might be because I don't have the white 808, and the plating seems different on the black version (dark in stead of silver), but I'm using the (black) Nokia 808 PureView since the 7th of June and it doesn't have one scratch yet. Another surprising statement is that he didn´t need to charge the Nokia 808 PureView in a month (!). Even with "just" WiFi on constantly, for me (and I'm an optimist) that's kind of hard to imagine.

The second reviewer, Rob Kerr for ITProPortal, thinks the battery isn't strong enough to last one day with heavy use. Now that's always pretty hard to predict, since it depends not just on how much you use it (and what you do with it), but also on network coverage. In my experience the Nokia 808 PureView will easily last for two days or more, but as they say your mileage may vary. There's more I don't agree with really, but that doesn't mean it's not worth reading his quite comprehensive review.

And here's one by Andrew Reid on EOSHD, that compares the cameraquality of the Nokia 808 PureView with that of the iPhone 4S. It's not really a "review", but interesting in itself (since the battle of David against Goliath has had  remarkable results before). But I feel one essential quality of the Nokia 808 PureView is not  mentioned at all: Rich Recording. Although the focus is on the image quality, I think when you compare videos the quality of sound should be mentioned as well, right?

That's all for now, for illustrations you'll have to follow the links - happy reading! :-)