Cheers to @Nokia and the @PureViewClub followers!

For the last weeks I've been making so many pictures with the Nokia 808 PureView, it's going to take me an awful lot of time to sort them out and share them with you. It's not possible to do so where I am at the moment, because of the miserable internet connection I will stop complaining about right now.

But there's just one picture I'd like to share with you right away. Why? Because @Nokia specially mentioned the PureViewClub in a #FF (Follow Friday) today on Twitter. And that doesn't mean tons of new followers right away, but it was such a great and welcome surprise this morning!

Maybe it would be appropriate to wait until five o'clock in the afternoon, but since this is an international site I'm sure it's about 17:00 somewhere, so I just hope you'll like this picture wherever you are :-)

And because I want you to be able to almost touch the cold drops on the glass, I've uploaded the original picture to Flickr as well, although it did take me 20 minutes :-)