The Wall Street Journal reviews the Nokia 808

It's not a very long review, but the Wall Street Journal finds more pro's than cons in the Nokia 808 PureView. Cons are the OS (Symbian is a dog - and a three legged, mangey one), build quality (a bit plasticky) and the price. Many more pros however:

- the sensor (From glaring midday sun, to late evenings, the phone handled the lighting excellently),
- ease of use (This cameraphone has more controls than a Eurofighter if you want them, but for Facebook snappers, its automatic point-and-shoot setting was quick and handled everything thrown at it),
- control (If you are the kind of person who revels in ISO settings, you can indulge yourself in those options fiddling with not only ISO, but exposure compensation, color rendition and a host of other settings),
- and than (I can't quote everything, right?) it wirte in a positive way about zoom, video & sound (not a word on Rich Recording though).

In the conclusion, the reviewer keeps considering the Nokia 808 PureView as a smartphone, more than a smartcam, and than the OS ruins it once more. Maybe Nokia should be promoting the 808  as a "smartcam", but then again, they are in the phone business.

There is one more remarkable  sentence in the conclusion however I'd like to quote  as well: How good would a Windows Phone powered PureView cameraphone be? Good enough to consider dumping my iPhone. Coming from an American magazine like the Wall Street Journal, that's quite a statement. You'll find the full review here.