The "Black Accessories Set Contest": 2 more weeks!

Maybe you have already heard of the "black accessories set contest", maybe you've missed it until this post. Anyway: I'm giving away some original Nokia 808 PureView accessories (all black) and you can read all about it here.

Originally this contest was supposed to close tomorrow, but people are still sending in their great shots with "water" as theme. I'm sure that in the meantime many more readers of the PureViewClub will have obtained their own Nokia 808 PureView, so I'm extending the contest a bit. Deadline is now the 1st of September!

To make up with the ones that hurried to make the original deadline, I will accept one more picture when you've already sent me two (the original limit). It's not like you can win the Nokia 808 PureView itself (working on it ;-), but I hope to receive a lot more pics. Please read the original post to see what you'll have to do to enter the contest!