Amazing details from a restaurant in France

Back from France I'm sorting out tons of pictures, the ones that I believe are really worth sharing at the PureViewClub. And when I'm showing off the stunning quality of the Nokia 808 PureView, here's a picture that never fails to amaze people.

First of all, the colours are very nice, but the amount of detail you can see on this picture taken in full resolution is absolutely mind blowing.

In this complete version (see the full resolution version on Flickr) you will notice the nice colours, although the lighting is a bit problematic: I'm standing outside taking this picture from the street. The corridor is quite dark halfway, only lit with a lamp.

The restaurant itself has no roof (it's in the South of France, in a very charming medieval town called Pézenas), so there's enough light all the way to the back. Let's look a bit closer.

There you will see the menu on the wall. I think there are at least 25 meters between me and the back of the restaurant. Let's zoom in some more.

The menu becomes more and more clear, but can we actually make out the text when we look yet a bit closer? Yes, we can :-)

You will see "Les Viandes" like Faux Filet and Magret de canard, and "Les desserts maison" like Tiramisu and Crème Catalone. Here's the complete menu once more, now cut out from the original full resolution (not resized).

Looking at the menu, it's too bad I didn't have lunch there, coming to think of it... :-)

Update: to compare full res with PureView technology, I added the 8MP version of the same picture on Flickr.