The Nokia 808 PureView at Stonehenge

On the PureViewClub Forum, earlier this week Forum member "Cambo" shared some gorgeous pictures he shot with the Nokia 808 PureView at historic  Stonehenge - a magical, even sacred place to many (see the link for its amazing history or what is known from it).

I was so impressed by these shots that I wanted to share them with you in a post, I truly hope Cambo doesn't mind. You will only find the small (640x360) versions in this post, all original posts are on Flickr under the name of Camtodd.

The first one I saw maybe has the most magical atmosphere: the blooming flower with Stonehenge still recognisable in the background, despite the strong Bokeh effect.

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves I guess... I'm really impressed with the magical atmosphere of this place.

This last one of course, was edited on the Nokia 808 itself. It could have been taken in 1918 (funny how a finger points at the No Entry sign ;-)

Thank you Camtodd / Cambo for sharing of few of these on our Forum! I hope pictures like these will attract even more Forum members, willing to share their great shots as well.