Must Have Apps for the Nokia 808 PureView!

Yesterday on Twitter,  @MoritzJT shared an impressive list of must have apps for the Nokia 808 PureView. Now I've written a post on that earlier in June, based on info from the Forum. Some of those apps appeared to be only for the Nokia N8 however.

I don't have the possibility to check all these apps first, but I take it they will all work on your Nokia 808. The list below is a simple copy paste from what MoritzJT shared. Here you can simply click on the link. Some of the apps are on Nokia Betalabs, where you will have to register first. Not all apps you will find here are free.

No pics in this post - nice for a change maybe - but such an amount of apps it probably keep you busy for the weekend :-) You will find all the links after the break. Thank you @MoritzJT!

UPDATE: some apps appear to be removed or not available in some regions. This to avoid possible frustration not being able to download the ones you are interested in.

System (passive & plugins):
MeeGo Theme MeeGo Harmattan Style
Thumbnail Folders MeeGo Harmattan Style
Swipe Unlock MeeGo Harmattan Style
GoToMenu MeeGo Harmattan Style
Swype Text Input MeeGo Harmattan Style
Alternate Version of Swype
Sleeping Screen
Clipboard Manager
Nokia Battery Monitor
Power Saving
Vibration Tweak
Most Powerful Taskmanager (needs signing or phone to be hacked to alow for unsigned apps to be installed)

NFC Interactor
WebDAV Client
WiFi File Transfer
Dropbox Client
Remote Control for PC Client
Store Client with updated UI
Drop Service
Screen Alignment Toggle
Simple Timer Countdown

MS Apps
Simplenoteapp Client
ReadItLater Pocket Client
Smart Office
Google Reader

CuteTube YouTube Client
SoundCloud Client
Quasar MX Music Player
Nokia Trailers
Music Explorer
Soundtracker Client
DLNA Server

Social & Internet:
Opera Mobile
Opera Mini

Twitter Clients:
Facebook Client
Facebook Chat
Ebay Client
Pulse Client

Maps Suite
GPS Info Qt
Public Transport App
Augmented Reality App
(not working?)
See through the world ;-)
Panorama Viewer
Car Mode (not working?)