The French Connection - Pictures from France

I finally got around sorting them out, and still I guess it's way too many - but it's up to you to decide which ones you like the most. On the specific set on Flickr you will find more than a hundred shots I took during our holiday in France. I seem to have a thing with animals, boats, cities, colours, fish, fruit, flowers and vegetables, not necessarily in that order though.

I'm sharing the ones dearest to me, they are not "equally good". A lot of the pictures are shot in full resolution, others in PureView mode. None of the pics on Flickr are altered - not cropped, not resized, nothing: what you see is what I shot using the Nokia 808 PureView.

In this post I will only show a selection (of 27), since showing more than a hundred pictures would be kind of ridiculous. I would like to point out however you will also find the fruit & vegetables from France I posted already. Some were not blown away by them, and you don't have to be. On Flickr you may even find a bigger selection of that early morning on e French market, I'd like to ask your special attention for the tomatoes, though.

In this post you will find a selection of (resized) pictures, meant to arouse your curiosity, and inspiring you to make some better shots with the Nokia 808 PureView, or finally getting one yourself :-)



By the sea





Thanks for watching so far. I really hope you've enjoyed these pictures, don't hesitate to react. Like I wrote already, you will find many more in their original formats on The French Connection set on Flickr.