It doesn't get any closer: macro zoom at 360p

After an earlier post today (about an extremely close macro demo) I was inspired to try and do something like it with my Nokia 808 PureView. Than in a reaction on this blog a request came to make a 360p full zoom video ("pleaseee!"). So that was a second inspiration to make this video.

And since we have seen a lot of flowers lately, I had to find something really small and still worth looking at. Something you can relate to, since you know how large it actually is. And I found it in my daughter´s collection of small stones, but her "jewelry".

I have been zooming in and out for 5 minutes, amazed at how close I could come. I'm giving a bit of explanation what I'm doing as well. I hope these 5 minutes won't bore you. Actually, I'm quite sure you'll be amazed as well. Since I shot the video in 360p, I uploaded it to YouTube in 640x360.