Collecting pictures (part 1): Drops and Spiders

I'm not sure why, but today some drops and spiders were shared in my timeline. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's because more and more people love to make pictures with their own Nokia 808 PureView - something I do totally understand, of course. But Twitter is an incredibly fast medium, so you might have missed the tweets with these few shots - it might even be you don't follow me (highly unlikely of course) or that you don't use Twitter at all (up to you). So since people were enthusiastic enough to share these pics on Twitter, I'm sure they won't mind I share them in this blog once more. Here you go. The drops first, than - after the break - some spiders. After the break, because some people are afraid of these many legged animals (I'm not too fond of them either by the way). The first two pictures with drops were shared by Jad Termsani from Lebanon. Then Stephen Quin from Leeds (UK) joined the discussion to add his own drop :-) And now for some spiders. This was the first one, shared by detkodave from Hungary, the kind of spider I would hate to find in my house. It would have been a great picture to feature this post with, but I don't want to traumatize anyone. The second one was shared by Dafke99 from Belgium, the kind of spider I have in my garden as well - they can become quite big but they mostly eat mosquitos and stay outside. These spiders are okay in my book. That is defintely not the case with the next one, shared by Anand Shivalkar from India (I presume), who shot the kind of spider I never hope to meet. And the last spider doesn't really belong here because it was shot with a Nokia 5800 ánd it was altered - but still I think the result is very nice, not as frightning and worth sharing like she did on Twitter. And also because Mayuri Mehrotra from Mumbai is sure to buy the Nokia 808 PureView, and promised to share her first results with the PureViewClub (and yes, you get points for things like that :-). So much for todays collection of drops and spiders! Let´s see what the next days will bring. Maybe this will turn out to be a series of accidental collections, so I named it part 1, just to be sure. Please take note: I won't add more pictures from drops and spiders to  this post, I like the thought of these kind of collections to be spontaneous like today! :-)