A critical review of the Nokia HH-23 tripod mount

Well, that was quite a surprise yesterday, when I read that the tripod mount so many people are looking for is actually a bit of a let down... Stephen Quin writes he had already been warned by Richard Dorman, who is in fact well-known here at the PureViewClub as the photographer  Sheridan01.

Now I have the HH-23 myself (it's even part of the Black Accessories Set Contest), but - believe it or not - I have not worked with it yet. Until yesterday evening and indeed, it doesn't fit as easily as I would have expected. You need to be quite cautious to make it fit in the best way.

You will see quite a few examples of that in  Stephen Quin's review. On the other hand, it's better than no tripod mount at all I guess, so of course the HH-23 will remain part of the contest (that closes in 10 days by the way, see previous link for details).