Damian Dinning: Pureview technique in "more lightweight smartphones"

Nokia's Damian Dinning talked to reporter WP Dang in China and some of the (translated) quotes are spreading over the web. Now if the translation is correct, I'm happy to quote from WMPoweruser.com, where Damian Dinning is quoted as follows:

"We believe that the 808 volume is acceptable for most consumers, it can easily fit in your pocket, and at the same time, when being used as a camera ,  the phone also needs to have a certain size and weight, in order to get a better grip and stability. Of course, with the development of technology in the future, as technology advances and matures, with the same camera performance and body type more lightweight smartphones will also appear that solves the contradiction between the needs of the mobile phone volume and camera optics ."

Conclusion is the PureView technique will be brought in a thinner smartphone. That - no doubt - is to say the same oversampling technique will be used with a smaller camerasensor. So no more 34/38MP maximum, my guess is it will be 16MP at the most, more likely the "classic" 12MP that Nokia already proved to be a great sensor in the Nokia N8.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, although the full resolution of the Nokia 808 PureView never ceases to amaze me. And to be honest, I'm very happy with the size of the Nokia 808  itself, but I would welcome this new technology on a Windows Phone 8 Nokia device as well, of course.

I'm sure we will learn more on september 5th. Speaking of which, Nokia has hinted something about that as well today on Twitter, MyNokiaBlog noticed.

After someone expressed his hope for PureView to be in the next Lumia, @Nokia wrote "just keep your eyes and ears open in the next coming weeks." This tweet has been quoted on many blogs by now, hightning the tension towards the fifth. Two more weeks...