My Nokia collection, shot with the Nokia 808

Late one evening this week I had the inspiring thought to make pictures of my complete Nokia collection - minus the Nokia 808 PureView, which is the one I would be taking all the pictures with :-)

Now I've been crazy about cellphones since 1999 and I have owned many more - but I had to sell a lot as well, to be able to afford the newer ones. You know how that works, and you must know you'll often feel sorry to part from them too. I have bought them new and second hand. One I found, in a puddle of water (it appeared to be still working). Quite a few were given to me by people who know about my passion.

Anyway, I can show you pictures of 18 different Nokia phones, from 1996 up to 2012 - it's just a small part of the enormous Nokia history, and since 1999 they are part of my own history as well. I took all these shots on a cloudy yesterday morning before work, within half an hour.

First, the Nokia 1610 from 1996. It's the oldest (and biggest) one I own, so you'll see pictures from both sides.

This phone still used the full creditcard format for the simcard. Rest of the collection after the break!

Number two is from 1996 also, and although it looks already a lot more modern, the design is still not really enchanting. It's a different version of the 2110, released in the Netherlands  as the Pocketline Darwin, on PTT Telecom, now KPN.

Next up is the 3110 from 1997. Here already you can recognize some of what were to be the greatest phones of that decennium.

First however, a design that became very famous thanks to Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson ("Neo, the One") in my alltime favorite movie Matrix: the Nokia 8110. In fact, this is a 8148, same design, but it only works on the 1800MHz band.

When you have seen Matrix - and who hasn't? - you'll remember how computer hacker Thomas Anderson receives this phone in an envelope. But it never really had an sliderbutton that would open it fast with a dry click - that of course was the Nokia 7110 (in 1999).

Nor did Matrix ever show the extra battery pack that I bought after this 8148 was given to me years later. It looks completely ridiculous, but the extra power was more than welcome :-)

Next, from 1998, a phone that was very popular in the last year I wasn't interested in mobile phones at all - in fact, I thought they were kind of stupid and lots of people just making mobile calls to look more interesting or pretend to be important.

This is the Nokia 5110 that already had a reputation of being quite indestructable. This is the one I found in a puddle of rainwater and actually started up and worked - as it still does in fact.

Then came 1999. The year I stopped smoking. After two months without one cigarette I felt I made it and thought I deserved a reward. A friend told me to finally get myself a cellphone! Among my friends I was about the last without it. I had my mind set on this one, the Nokia 6150.

I loved this phone, it suddenly made me realize I could now reach anyone I knew wherever I was (amazing discovery)! And where I stopped smoking I developped a new addiction rapidly: cellphones.  I wanted to know all there was to know about this new industry.

I was late, but I learned fast because I had fallen completely in love with it. The Nokia 6150 was a great start at that, since I found its design to be so much more beautiful than all the other cellphones I've seen before. It might be hard to imagine now, but I really admired details like these:

Ah ok, why not. One more shot of the Nokia 6150 - because quite simply put: it fundamentally changed my life.

Next! The Nokia 7110 from the same year, the phone that finally got the automatic sliderfunction that was suggested to be on the 8110 in the blockbuster Matrix.

Up next you see my first phone behind it's successor. I actually was so completely crazy about Nokia at that time, I travelled for an hour on a train to some town because I heard a shop over there had dummies of the Nokia 6210... Just had to see them.

It was the second phone I bought and I still think it´s a design classic from that time.

Of course, Nokia's chief designer Frank Nuovo - as important to Nokia as Jonathan Ive to Apple - knew to make it even better with the Nokia 6310, a phone that could actually be used for two weeks before you would need to charge it again.

And I'm not kidding you when I say I recently found one in a drawer at work where it had been gathering dust for years, and it would STILL start when I tried it without charging!

Many people loved this phone for it's standby time, but also because the look and feel, grip and weight. The whole 6x-series has been popular for a very long time because of - who would have thought of it - second-hand cars with the built-in Nokia CARK91 carkit (even our Ford from 2004 has it built in, so we can still use part of the collection :-)

Next is a present I got from a friend this year. It's the first Nokia touchscreen smartphone, the Nokia 7710 from 2004, the one that was to be released after Nokia cancelled the 7700 a year earlier (I saw   MyNokiaBlog shared some very nice pictures of that one).

I tested the 7710, it still works and you can imagine the wtf-reaction of people when they see you actually work with it. It has a browser, it plays video via RealPlayer - back in 2004 this could have been the start of a great touchscreen driven future for Nokia, but as we know now that was not to be in the next years. On the contrary, I might add.

Another present, complete with the package and everything it came with, hardly used at all: the Nokia N80 from 2005.

From a year later, a similar device but a much more interesting phone I bought immediately, the Nokia N95 from 2006.

After a year I gave it to my wife since I had my mind set on the Nokia N95 8GB. With these two devices I made almost 2000 (!) pictures - I totally loved the quality of that 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lense (you can find some samples on Flickr).

No wonder I fell for what proved to be the best cameraphone for no less than two years (an eternity in this business): the Nokia N8 from 2010.

It's clear to see that this design is already the basis of the later N9 and Lumia series, and you can even discover the same in the next phone, although it has an extra qwerty keyboard: Nokia's E7, also from 2010.

Another year later, and not the most exciting design I've ever seen from Nokia, but important to me because it offered Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1: the Nokia 701 603, which I knew was going to be the OS for the Nokia 808 PureView.

Come 2012, after a drastic new start for Nokia was announced. The beginning of this year saw the Nokia N9 ánd the Nokia Lumia 800. Almost identical form factor, a slightly bigger display for the N9 since the Lumia 800 needed space for the screenbuttons.

And of course the dedicated camera button on the Lumia 800...

In chronological order, this would be next: the Nokia N950, the "holy grail" of smartphones since it is so incredibly hard to find. I looked for it, I got it offered from a developer whose name I will not publish, I bought it for a reasonable price, and I hardly ever dared to use it since it is so extremely rare. So now, it is in the hands of a developer whose own N950 passed away.

Below: one of the best phones Nokia released in the past years I dare to say (besides the Nokia 808 PureView of course, from which you have seen all these shots), the Nokia Lumia 900. I have already dedicated a post about the Nokia 808 making shots from the Lumia 900 ( in much better light), but here's a new one :-)

And last but not least, Nokia's 808 PureView in white. I shot it close with its colleague, as a grand semi finale of all these shots:

These are 20 Nokia's I can still lay my hands on (minus one, to be honest). Although I didn't have a choice I still miss a lot of the ones I had to sell again. The 6650, 8910, 6810, even the totally weird 7600. Almost all Communicators. Even the N950 that took me so long to find. The MultiMedia computers like N91, N93, even the N93i... They all would have made for fantastic pictures in this post.

Something's gotta give. But there is no reason to feel sentimental or sad at all, since I firmly believe Nokia has passed it's all time low. If I would be buying shares, I would buy Nokia now, and not only because I'm such an optimist by nature.

Microsoft's Windows 8 will make a new dent in the universe, no doubt, and Windows Phone 8 will be the perfect partner for it. I use Windows Phone 7, love it already and I'm looking forward to Windows Phone 8 enormously.

Put Windows Phone 8 in a Nokia smartphone with a large screen, combine it with fantastic apps like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Nokia City Lens and Nokia Music, add a Carl Zeiss lense with a big sensor and Nokia´s PureView Technology to the whole package, and yes: I will be the first to stand in line, and I'm sure I won't be alone out there!

So much for now. This has become a long post I realize, I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless!