Nokia discovers its PureView Technology won an EISA Award - last week :-)

I'm really surprised Nokia today proudly announced the Nokia 808 PureView was honoured with another prestigious award, the EISA Award. Now it isn't the first EISA Award for Nokia, so someone must have known what the meaning of it was when the prize was announced last wednesday. I even thought I was late by writing about it a day later.

Nokia has received the EISA Award earlier for it's N95 in 2007 and E75 in 2009 for instance, and now PureView technology has been selected to win. Earlier this year, PureView technology was already awarded with the TIPA award. Also during the Mobile World Congress this year, the Nokia 808 PureView was honoured with  the prize for the best handset or device (in fact, that was my third blog for this site).

Anyway Nokia, congratulations once more, since it's all over the news today I'm more than happy to share the EISA video again :-)