Gorgeous nightshot of a Hungarian museum

A special blogpost about one (1) picture? Yes, since it is a very special picture I think. It was shot bij Dávid Detkó from Hungary, who suprises his Twitter timeline on a regular basis with remarkable, beautiful shots with his Nokia 808 PureView.

This nightshot is one of them. It was taken at quite a distance from the Ferenc Móra Museum in Szeged. In the small version, it's already a beautiful image, where the palace is mirrored in an almost perfect way.

I checked some details, it was shot with ISO 50 in no less than 2.7 seconds. But you can check all EXIF data for yourself when you download the original full resolution (34MP) file, wich you can find here (5,06MB, might take time to load). And if you see the original file, you'll be amazed at the amount of detail you can see, like all the people sitting and standing around on the obviously warm summer evening.

Now there is actually a whole lot more I could show you from Dávid Detkó ( @DetkoDave on Twitter), but he is already showing you himself on 500px. I really suggest you to follow that link, you will find some very remarkable shots, not only with the Nokia 808 PureView, but also the Nokia N9.

Well okay, just one more shot David shared this evening though, for which (I asked him in a tweet) he used "6 people, 7 bicycle lamps, ISO50, ND filter, 10 sec self-timer, crop". And if you would like the original from this picture as well look here :-)