Software update 808 "within upcoming weeks"

It's quite a discovery our Forum member PixelPeter did and shared on the  Nokia 808 PureView Group on Flickr (that's another group on the Nokia 808 PureView by the way, I run the PureViewClub Group there). Peter reacted on someone who asked about very dark shots when photographing in Creative Mode.

I had noticed the same thing in the beginning as well, and I thought to be the only one, until on holiday I discovered the reason: when the ISO is set too low (50) the pictures will turn out almost or even completely black when taking pictures in bright light. It was not a very common complaint so I didn't pay attention to it - actually I thought I was the only one making this "mistake".

But I was not alone - Steve Litchfield today wrote on his blog he experienced similar problems before as well. Anyway, Pixel Peter looked a bit further and found a very interesting answer in the trouble shooting department at 

Now the most interesting line is the last one, of course, with "Within upcoming weeks we will provide software update" that will allow to use ISO setting in bright light conditions more flexibly". I can't imagine this will be the only reason for the software update, so I'm hoping this will be part of Feature Pack 2 I'm hearing more and more rumours about.

Thanks Pixel Peter (via AllAboutSymbian)

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